Gabriel Medina // Supertubos, Portugal // 1:14

posted by / Video / October 17, 2012

Video: ONFIRE Surf

Holy shit! (Can we say that?)

That might be the biggest air on the smallest wave — ever.

Gabriel Medina

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  • Murrburgler

    he’s such a jebroni. . .too good

  • bruno

    he doesn´t surf, he toys with the waves, it´s just incredible how easy he surfs and generates speed.

  • Bob

    Remember Jadson Andre? No, didn’t think so.

  • Norcal

    Really, Bob?!? Jadson, was a 1 air blunder…Gabriel? Keep hatin, tool! Because you are going to have to do it for years. Style, turns, tubes, and airs…all at 18. I call first Brazo world champ!

  • Nor’easter

    The kid is a crybaby pussy. He needs to put more than two clips of himself going right in his segments. His results at Bells and Snapper speak for themselves. Unfortunately, EVERY other venue on tour offers him the ability to his his backside surfing. Hopefully the Pipemasters runs in some solid surf so his true colors come out. Until then, he’s just another Brazzo small wave maestro.

  • ginz

    could be the highest one so beautifully done

  • What?!

    Amazing air!

    I think the kid is much better than a lot of the new generation overhyped, media spoiled asses like Kolohe, Geiselmans, Freestone. Even John John (probably the best tuberider in the world) is not that great when the surf is small and not barreling.
    All the surfers on the tour (except Kelly) have flaws. And a lot of them grew up with perfect waves nearby.

    Medina went to the final in solid Fiji, and perfomed well in Teahupoo. 18 years old! and people still question his ability. They aways say, “Let’s see how he performs in the next contest”…

    Give the kid a break! Stop hatting! Some people cannot accept that a young kid from a poor country that doesn’t speak english is doing great on the tour. And the kid is humble. Just like Adriano.

    Stop putting a label on brazilians. Get to know them, then get to your conclusions about them. I’m sure you will meet a lot of assholes, but you will meet a lot of great people too. Just like in any other place.

    Go Medina!

  • ooops

    yeah that first air was sick. his back is too straight all the time, and seeing him bawl like a little baby in portugal was pathetic. hey gabby, your on the world tour with men. cry in private if you lose a world title in the final heat of the year IN PRIVATE. acted like a little $%#^@ on stage. no class. spoiled. And “What?!” nobody cares if someone is young and from a poor country. your an idiot. just you saying that john john isn’t great when the surf is small shows your an idiot.I HATE GABBY BECAUSE HIS STYLE IS NOT WORLD CLASS, HIS TRANSITION TURNS ARE HALF ASS, AND HE ACTS LIKE A SPOILED #$@$%.