Garrett McNamara & Kealii Mamala // Nazaré // 3:45

posted by / Video / January 30, 2013

Biggest waves ever surfed?

Decide for yourself.

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  • filip

    To be the first hater out here, does it count if the wave doesn´t really brake?

  • lol

    biggest waves that never broke is more like it

  • Jssurf

    Hahaha…Ive noticed all the hate towards this guy. I dont particularly like him but damn, why cant we be stoked for the dude? How many of us would ever surf a swell like this. 0.

  • jeremy banta

    Why are people saying ‘it doesnt break’ as if that somehow detracts from the validity of it all? Anyone that has ridden big, ‘mushy’ waves like these know that they are much harder to surf then, say, a wave at pipeline that is clean and breaks fast. Mushy waves are usually choppy, like snowboarding through moguls, not as easy as going down a nicely groomed run. So I for one think it adds to the difficulty and overall credibility. @ Jssurf, I’m with ya!

  • indapuka

    Eddie would go!

  • luiz

    not like it didn’t break.. it did.. but not when he was riding it.. watch it here..

  • t won

    even if the thing stood up and barreled top to bottom, and he came from behind it to get perfectly spit out, he would still be the biggest douche bag on a surfboard.

  • Keloheluv

    Go Kealii! Return home safe and Aloha hui ho. Keep your eyes on the prize and feet on the path. Keep it real and I’m wishing you the best.
    From:Your little run away surf sistah:)

  • L Stu

    What a muppet.. And to the guy who thinks those waves are harder than pipe, your a joke

  • Tuga

    The Nazareth have several spots. The biggest spot is the result of one of the biggest undersea cannons (the biggest in Europe). The difference of this cannon is that ends at the beach. If is more difficult than Pipe line I can not give an opinion. But one thing is a scientific fact: This wave have a lot more energy because tonnes and tonnes of water are conducted to one point of the beach. Other problem with surfing big waves in Portugal is the short period. You get out of the wave and is just another one behind you. See this video, i think is better – especially the last part, McNamara face before diving is precious.

  • Norcal

    Hey Guys,

    Follow the link on comment #10. Go to 3.10 on the video. Then decide again…

  • Blane Boy

    So much people talk shit try surfing just for starters then you would realize the power of the ocean. You Mickey mouse clowns 96720