Gavin Beschen // Pipeline // 3:50

posted by / Video / November 11, 2013

Is Gavin Beschen from Outer Space? Tis the question that has stumped every surf philosopher from Matt Warshaw to Chas Smith. The California native, Hawaii transplant is one of the better barrel-riders of all time. His technique is perfect, his style inimitable. Take note of the tube 2:53 — classic extraterrestrial.

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5 Responses to “Gavin Beschen // Pipeline // 3:50”

  1. G says:

    “you’ll never hear surf music again”

  2. beachcrewzer says:


  3. cbolden says:

    not to mention – one of the more sick/stylish cut backs

  4. Carlos Munoz says:

    Love his style!!

  5. Delance says:

    That last doggie door was sic.

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