She hit the floor, next thing you know…

She hit the floor, next thing you know…

Here’s some wood for your inner carpenter.

Here’s some wood for your inner carpenter.

Girl In Just A Shirt: Catherine Peters

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Model: Catherine Peters // Hair and Makeup: Heather Harris // Photos: Peter Taras

Tiger Tank 2

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I met her at an Internet café in Bali back when people used Internet cafés. She leaned over, “Do you know how to work these headphones?” I did. We went for lunch and drank tall beers and she told me about her travels to India, Thailand and Bali. She was a divorcée trying to find herself, the total Eat, Pray, Love situation, and I teased her about it. She blushed and asked me about surfing. That night we danced and drank like we were in our early 20s, which I was, but she certainly was not. Still, she looked good. A laugh turned into an arm touch that turned into a kiss and a walk back to her hotel — a hotel much nicer than mine.

The next morning I woke up early, the swell was due to fill in and Uluwatu would be good all day. While I dressed, she retrieved her phone from the bedside table, aimed and took a photo. I laughed. “What’s that about?” “Nothing,” she said with a smirk, punching the keys on her phone. “I just want to send a photo to my girlfriends back home.”