Goold+Thompson+Heverly+Parker // California+PR // 3:21

posted by / Video / April 14, 2012

Video by Sean Benik

Such good friends! Philip Goold, Cody Thompson, Fisher Heverly, and Alek Parker travel, eat and surf together

After weeks on the West Coast in booties and hoods, warm-watered Puerto Rico starts calling their name

Fisher Heverly

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  • albee

    that was sick

  • Alan

    Real sick

  • Nick

    Nice to see an edit with real surfing, not just air reverses

  • shorepound

    Yeah Cody

  • yeah guy

    I only clicked on this because it has 4 comments… and I am pretty sure that the 4 comments are by “Goold+Thompson+Heverly+Parker”… my favorite parts are how surprised they looked after they pulled most of these tricks and the one chubby guy with the sponsorship stickers on his board running in the street… it gave me hope. If I could award this STARS, I would go with 2.5 Stars out of 6 Stars.

  • g-flat

    well luckily nobody gives a shit about you “yeah guy” or your retarded star rating. And trust me, i can tell from your arrogant ass negative remark that there is no hope for you and never will be. Just give up already.