Gray, Reynolds, Knost and Droid // We’ll Never Tell (Again) // 4:23

posted by / Video / October 28, 2011

dane reynolds

An eclectic and beautiful mix of surfers do their own thing in the Pacific Ocean.

How ’bout them soul arches

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16 Responses to “Gray, Reynolds, Knost and Droid // We’ll Never Tell (Again) // 4:23”

  1. tity says:


  2. Sososo says:

    Knosty!!!! He got some sick ones. Stoked he got on your blog.

  3. Blake says:

    this is why California is radical

  4. Shot 23 says:

    New working title, “Coming of Three Talented Surfers Surfing Like Shit Because They Think Alex Knost is Cool.”

    Also, what the fuck is with people claiming Dane in their videos when he gets two shitty waves. Who are you guys, Lost Atlas? Too Much Fuckery.

  5. jj says:

    These guys are soooooooo alternative. Some nice tuberides in the end though

  6. Wyatt says:

    This is the Mumford & Sons of surf footage…trying way way way too hard. Let’s make everyone happy and get Alex Knost a time machine: He can live in the proper era and we can live without him.

  7. 1FromTheCheapSeats says:

    Well, I’ll tell ya’s– these pro’s sure fall off a lot in a bunch of shite waves.
    Last barrel ride was pretty dang amazing tho’, fast forward to it ( @ 3:33 min. mark ) and skip the rest is my advice unless you have nothing better to do like me …

  8. red says:

    you guys are tripping, that was hilarious and very entertaining,
    really good edit,
    good job RT

  9. bufu says:

    Utter Shit!! There’s nothing hilarious or entertaining about this. Other than Gray packing a couple sic ones any local surfer can make this crummy video. It’s funny where the industry is going.

  10. Fo Real says:

    FACT: 99.5% of OC Surfers are complete douche Kooks.

  11. Mic says:

    You maybe right Fo Real…..
    I reckon they were having fun, isn’t that what’s it’s all really about?

  12. Sososo says:

    Wow… I lost a bunch of respect for surfers… Theyre douches except for foreal and mic

  13. spencer says:

    these soul arches actually suck balls

  14. 1FromTheCheapSeats says:

    @ red- actually tripping on some really good lysergic might make this painful bit of “fuckery” ( excellent useage shot 23 hee-hee ! ) entertaining. until you come down anyway. Nukkah, puh-leeze ….

  15. BUM ACID says:

    errrrrghhhh too much calitude here.

    lighten up pussies, there was sick waves, big choobs and good times. soul arches are gold.

    knostercizer surfs better than all you sooks.
    keep rooling dane, dont listen to the haters/pussies

  16. zxcvb says:

    There is no limit to the amount of Peyote one can eat and still surf………………………………………………..

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