Griffin Colapinto // California // 2:44

posted by / Video / February 24, 2014

Check this out. It’s a 15-year-old San Clementian. He stands with his foot forward. He’s well-rounded; has a style like satin. Is this déjà vu? It’s impossible not to see the similarities between Griffin Colapinto and a young Kolohe Andino. Much like Brother, Griffin can waft the tail with the best of ’em (uhh, 1:53), but is strong-beyond-his-years below the lip. This kid throws some umph into his turns and he can truly combo — large fries and a drink come free with every Lowers wall. Mmmm. If Griffin keeps up at this rate, there’s no reason why he won’t follow Kolohe’s footsteps straight to the WCT.

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  • KC

    Griffin is already surfing better than Kolohe

  • Jonas

    Hold it, looked like he wasn’t wearing all billabong and also looked like one of his logos was coming off. Griffins camp should immediately delete this video for damage control maybe threaten the mags that his sponsors will pull out funding..

  • Damii

    Increible… INCREIBLE!

  • not ok

    follow his footsteps straight to the loser round.

  • Joe

    Damn!!! The 3 tail wafts between 1:45-1:58 were sic! Especially the last one…smooth as silk!

  • EG

    KILLING IT GRIFFIN! Formed out!!!!!