Griffin Colapinto // Sumatra, Nicaragua, California // 2:37

posted by / Video / February 5, 2013

We picked Griffin for our Grom Games trip last year because we considered him one of the top five surfers his age coming out of the US. He’s since proved us right. Naturally funny, charges, good style, and explosive‚Ķ Griffin is going to be around for a long time when it comes to surfing. Here’s an edit with some footage from the past 6 months or so.


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3 Responses to “Griffin Colapinto // Sumatra, Nicaragua, California // 2:37”

  1. John says:

    Holy Shit!!!!! This kid Rips!! Sick!!

  2. masniffur says:

    sick style grom!!!

  3. Miki Dora says:

    I’ll bet you 50K this kid isn’t the next DANE.

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