Gromsearch Video Elections | Finals Salt Creek, CA

posted by / Video / November 23, 2009


Your voice will be heard

The 2009 Rip Curl Grom Search National Championships at Salt Creek, CA is over and now it’s your turn to tell us who threw it down the best.

Cast your vote, post your opinion, or, depending on if you’re nominated, throw a campaign. Yes you can! This is it, the season champion gets a full page “Threat” feature in Surfing Magazine.

The winner will be announced on DECEMBER 2nd.

Comment below and tell us who should win:

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    The truth is, Koa Smith found a legit tube out there… that made me want to go surfing. His cutback after could have been carried out a little better, but barrels are timeless.

  • surfinglostintranslation

    Brother blew everyone out of the water! Only one that actually surfed with power and flare!

  • Insider

    The videos don’t tell the story – Nathan Carvalho threw man size turns on his backside, why wasn’t that shown? ASP turns vs. NSSA flicks and tricks!

  • papa says

    Nathan surfed with more power than anyone all daylong he should
    have won with his man WQS turns.

  • the Kerr boys

    Koa was sweet!!! He rocks the waves like no one else!