Happy Birthday Andy Irons // Raw Irons: Hawaii // 3:37

posted by / Video / July 24, 2012

Raw Irons was our first impression of AI. It played in our VCR until the tape came off the reels. Literally.

We celebrate and rejoice the life of Andy. Thanks for all the good memories


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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Andy Irons // Raw Irons: Hawaii // 3:37”

  1. Chocochacal says:

    Please upload the rest of the video! That Tahiti part with The Beastie Boys’ Roots Down remix especially. AI forever

  2. Tupat says:

    These were the times Andy – I am glad that I had the opportunity to film this with you. Happy Birthday Buddy. Tupat

  3. Ben says:

    God, how gold standard is that tube riding!? I wish he could have been around for that massive cloudbreak swell…

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