Hawaii One

posted by / Video / December 10, 2012



Like clock-work, every year the North Sh….just kidding. This footage is of four hours last Tuesday on the 100 yard stretch from Off The Wall to Pipeline. Shacks on shacks on shacks. Wait for Dusty’s. Enjoy.

Hawaii One

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  • Alex

    Song please.

  • john

    i second that, song please. great lil clip.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    awesome barrel riding, weak b-roll. reflection of window and pinetrees were nice, but the OTW rock wall and pipeline house?? It made me feel disjointed from the surfing because they were irrelevant.

    … @Alex: The New Division, “Starfield”

  • john

    The new division – starfield

  • Sean Lesh

    Nice film work! Cool clip!