Heath Joske // Valla Beach // 2:35

posted by / Video / February 17, 2011

Wave Mag presents The Black Knight Free Surfing Awards. The winner bags a cover and a feature. Just so happens that this footage is some of the best stuff to hit the web in a long time.



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6 Responses to “Heath Joske // Valla Beach // 2:35”

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m pretty sure Joske is my new favorite surfer after that clip…. Gur F#@$ing rips so hard with style to spare…

  2. Jacob says:

    Hes not that flashy compared to some of the other guys from this video contest. But i agree, i really like the way he rides a wave.Refreshing to see someone not doing airs every second clip. He looks like hes from the 80′s, but he’ll do a relevant turn, catches me off guard hahah

  3. twists says:

    Clean style and progressive, for sure. Ill

  4. Tre says:

    Sick footy. Heath is a super nice guy as well.

    Love the big video.

  5. Linked In says:

    My eyes hurt after watching this poorly filmed and edited clip, I wish I could see more of the blokes surfing though. Shitty equipment good surfing…hmmm whats wrong here ?

  6. Oliver says:

    He should win soley of the epic-ness of that mustache.

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