Hector Santamaria // Hectorch // 4:59

posted by / Video / April 9, 2014

Hector Santamaria has platinum chi. He’s always wearing a bright smile, always trying to make the people around him wear a smile that’s even brighter. And how about his surfing? It’s unique. He’s having more fun than anyone not named Mason and landing more airs than anyone not named Filipe. He’s amazing.

Check out our mini-profile on Hector.

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  • Brad

    I see a bit of Noa Deane resemblance

  • Mike

    This kids all nose

  • Aloha Alex

    Where the Hector is this kid from? He’s outdone my high school surf doodles during Algebra class back in the 70’s!

  • suck a nutt

    please take out the grainy filter. It makes me want to chop my dick off.

  • eddie

    not a very smooth style, actually to be honest a shitty style. rips though

  • jon

    hectors got the chi! rad clip!

  • Paul

    Chi power session every time.
    ___/ \___
    `-._) (_,-`
    \O _ O/
    \ – /
    `- (
    |/ . \|
    `-(( ))-‘
    __\\ //__
    >_ / \ _<,

  • boner

    Please just one more air reverse…
    Will someone…..ANYONE, learn a new trick

  • Nicolas

    What the f… who’s that kid ?? He is so creative, draws different lines and lands more rodeos in one video than Medina does in one year !! Can’t believe what I just saw, his style is similar to John John and he’s able to invent new tricks…what was that frontflip attempt at the end ?!? Hector all I know is that you’re a freak, seriously.

  • poopayy

    hector rips spent time with him PR ….mad style,,,,frotherrrrrrr,,,,boner did you watch the video he does a lot more than air revoss every turn has a different feel every air a different style….and eddie ur style sucks unlike hectors …..keep ripping hector you crazy kid