Hector Santamaria // Newport // 1:34

posted by / Video / December 22, 2011

hector santamaria

We’re not quite sure who this Hector kid is…

…but he sure can manufacture airs

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  • horrible

    that was really ugly

  • Greg

    Sick airs great edit!

  • Bruce

    That was dope. one session

  • 54th

    this kids sucks. No respect. go back to mexico faggot

  • goodbibes

    looks like kid is having fun. good bibes

  • joe

    is from PR you moron! he is I’m sure he can rip your ass asshole

  • Ryan Markstein

    Damn, who is this kid? Wanna see more of him for sure, got a fun lil style to view. Overall sick edit

  • Ted Shred

    Wow! Some of you guys are angry. You probably couldn’t surf your way out of a toilet bowl.

  • bswan

    This edits fucking sick . good vibes yew

  • aryan race

    i also heard the guy who filmed this b-grade clip sells zulu bars. but keep it on the down low, hectar fernando de la cruz santamaria is in the mexican mafia

  • Owen curry

    Ohh really punk? and who are you ?

  • Dillon

    this kid surfs with different style.. would be great to see him in Indo

  • Pedro

    I know he is from Puerto Rico cause I’ve seen him on the water.His surfing always has been agressive since a young age.


    hey thanks for sticking up for me the other Owen Curry.. but its all good vibes here 😉

  • dason

    woohoo another little kid doing little ollies on little waves…yaaaawwn

  • chellems

    thanks for the edit comments.

    that black dude on his phone at the beginning was classic. comments?

  • Joebin

    Rad little video. He as a funky pop but i like it. Makes me want to find some ramps!
    now I’m gonna go paddle out and probably get burned by this kid but its all good