Here’s A Video Of Russian Women Surfing In High Heels

posted by / Video / August 13, 2014

The title does not lie. Because we are a publication founded on journalistic integrity, let’s cover the basics here.

Who: Russian women
What: Surfing in high heels
When: Last year
Where: Bali
Why: ?

We have no idea. No idea. The only thing that we’re completely sure of is that John John Florence really needs to put out a new edit to balance out what just happened.

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  • Tedzilla

    LOL Thanks for joining us. Tune in next week for a new episode of “WTF?”

  • Luis M. Pineda Sr.

    Freedom of expression” God bless them for their efforts…:)

  • GWells

    Lovely piece of video, talented bunch of girls.

  • Jan1192

    Hi maintenance women…

  • Michelle Rhoden

    Cause they can :)

  • J

    What’s the name of that song? The artist?

  • Shell

    lol all i can think is pressure dings. But hey i dare a guy to try that… next week on wtf?

  • Suray Seballes

    m-e-n-c-a-n-t-o sencillamente genial…

  • Anastasia Myasnikova

    It was a fun competition between Russian expat girls. And party after. Just for fun.

  • Craig

    The Go! Team – We Just Won’t Be Defeated

  • Alyssa Hewitt

    Those heels don’t put pressure dings in the boards?

  • Jinger

    Pretty impressive. There are some women who can’t even walk in heels….they look like baby deer taking their first steps.

  • Max Smelov

    Ha ha

  • Che

    Russian women are gorgeous

  • Bali Dreams

    In December 2013 our girls participated in surf competition Surf Jam 2013, which was hold on Balian beach Bali. It was fun contest.

  • WilliamFreimuth

    Ok, but just watched all those Russian trucks (white) pulling into Ukraine.
    On the one hand you have ……well on both hands you have quite a scene.
    Trojan horse, relief aid, or one of the biggest jokes I’ve ever seen?
    Could Russians be more like us than we think?
    A dictator can get things done, a President gets sued for trying.
    What a world!

  • Moron Annihilator

    Nobody gives a flying fuck about politics in a thread about expats having fun time and enjoying themselves, you dumb fart.

  • Danilo Iuri

    Perfect girls.

  • Mila

    But the thing is… Some girls can’t even walk in heels because they can not stretch their legs properly… Here you don’t realy need to stretch them AND you don’t walk… Sooo… .
    Take that from a Russian girl that loves heels 😛

  • format123

    Браво девчонки, отлично зажигают!

  • Guest

    She is not Russian, she is Ukrainian. Nowadays it is a sensitive issue, as Russia is at war with Ukraine…

  • Vladimir Kuharenko

    Please fix the mistake: she is not Russian, she is Ukrainian.

  • Che

    Never heard of the war between Russia and Ukraine. I know about Ukrainian civil war and genocide of eastern population.

  • Raymond Savoie

    They probably don’t surf much better with out them ! What next .. Cross dressers
    Hahahahaaahahaahhahahahah lame

  • Veekter eeez Russian name????

    Thank you surfer I now have the courage to divorce my wife

  • kepler

    I hope she break both ankles and her neck

  • Go

    The same

  • Tat

    Great girls!!! Cool RUSSIAN girls!!

  • Владислав Фоминский

    Why? Because Russia! ))