Heroes // Hawaii // 3:27

posted by / Video / November 19, 2013

If you’re in Hawaii this time of the year, you’re going to bump into everybody. One minute, you’ll be waiting in line behind Occy at Foodland. Next minute, you’re getting ran over by Cheeseburger at Pipe. It’s a beautiful thing, no? New Zealand filmmaker Guy Mac has been getting amonst the crowds on the North Shore and released this early season edit. It features Jamie O’brien, John John Florence, Derek Ho, Kalani Chapman, Zeke Lau and more. And it is, in fact, a beautiful thing.

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  • Bob Carroll

    No fair these guy’s re havin intirely too much fun!

  • Kenny

    Cheeseburger . . . that the chunky little chink guy?

  • JImmy Mac

    Anytime I see a video using Vimeo as the source
    It fucks up
    This tool sucks