HIGHLINE // J-Bay // 18:57

posted by / Video / October 14, 2013

Now this is refreshing. In a day and age where 75% of the surf clips you see are of air reverses, Highline skews the ratio. Filmed on a spirit quest to J-Bay, a stacked crew of Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Tanner Gudauskas and Taylor Knox tear into South African walls. They surf on rail. They surf on the wave. They surf on fire. The only downside to the video is that it makes you miss the world tour stop at J-Bay even more — almost to the point of sobbing like Jordy Smith after he won the event in 2011. And if you’re ready to facilitate that, then we couldn’t think of a better way to spend 19 minutes.

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  • Aaron

    Unreal! This is one of the best short films I’ve seen in a while. Top to bottom rail to rail surfing at it’s finest.

  • Alby

    that’s because its not about the surfer it’s about the wave

  • Ali G


  • Austin

    So Sickkk!!!

  • AR

    Wow…more of this kind of surfing, please!

  • Steve

    It’s good to see them completing a couple of moves in each edit so you can see how they flow. I bought the dear suburbia movie a while back cause everyone was raving about it. It was that edited one move crap that is just to hard to watch and they can’t even fill a whole song with surfing they chop and change everything. This is good stuff

  • Ben

    Conner Coffin is underrated. He will be a power fixture on the tour in the future.

  • Mark

    I just got my copy of Surfer in the mail the other day and noticed the cover piece on J-Bay. After surfing my brains out this morning I came home, sat down with a coffee, read the (excellent) article and then watched this video. I definitely feel that power surfing, rail surfing, whatever you want to call wave-oriented surfing is making a renaissance. I mean, there are a few guys out there that can make airs look good, but you are talking about a few seconds of non-surfing that always looks best either frozen in time or slowed down in a video clip. Watching guys like TK and the Coffin brothers systematically demolishing a never-ending wall is not only an incredible display of skill and wave reading ability, but also an inspiration to us mere mortals that can always aspire to elegant and intuitive rail surfing as opposed to blowing shitty airs on some crumbly beachbreak.