Hurricane Bill: By You

posted by / Video / August 24, 2009

Hurricane Bill. Ever heard of it? Yeah, us too. The first major swell producer of the year for the East Coast came and went over the weekend and we’re still trying to find a wave that went undridden. Here are a few videos that have already been posted documenting Bill. Check these and post your own below if you were able to find some waves amid the chaos.

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  • mbauer

    Surf Kayak Girl Takes on Bill – possible titles can alone make this a classic.

  • nateside I watched all the videos on here. Not one barrel made. I was definitely not impressed at all, and I am amazed at all the hype brought to such barely satisfactory surf. It has been on fire here the West coast all week, much better than anything I have seen on those videos. No hype. Thank God. I hope Someone scored some good waves from that swell, but as of yet, the only ones who did might have been a few souls in New Jersey and Long Island. The rest need to save space on youtube for videos that are actually worth watching.

  • hoss vimeo

    the only reason i didn’t have that great of waves to edit together (i.e. no made barrels) was because i just wanted to get some footage in between sessions. i shot those clips after getting out from the first time and needed a quick breather, i just wanted some video of what the waves were like here. trust me, there were plenty of made barrels.

  • natesux

    wow nateside, you obviously have forgotten what surfing is supposed to be about. what a douche comment.

  • Marcus

    Yah bro “not one barrel made”. I’m sure you and your boys rip it up so hardcore you should be going pro. Thank god you are scoring sick waves out there and forget the rest of us fools…

    Why don’t you just give up surfing now if that’s the attitude you carry around.