Hurricane Leslie // Hatteras + Virginia // 3:51

posted by / Video / September 18, 2012

Video: The Wild Lyfe / Eddie Compo

We’re not the biggest fans of step offs, but we’ll let those shots inside the tube slide

Unique perspectives of Ms. Leslie

Hurrican Leslie

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  • Chuck

    Step offs in head high surf, is that really needed? What happened to using your own arms to get you into waves?

  • Zeke

    These kids are always doing step-offs in like head high waves, pretty lame if you ask me. I saw clips of guys getting way better waves from that swell that were paddled into. I guess when your from VB you need to tow when it gets head high.

  • Andrew

    I just don’t see what’s soo “wild” about anything those clowns do. Seems like they are really ego-driven and all about self-promoting their gayness.

  • bufu

    Wow, major hate. Although i am no fan of step-offs I don’t the footage is shit. Personally I don’t think they care too much about what others think. To me it seems like they are enjoying what they do and they just happen to document it. Take the vid for what it is…… guys getting barreled and loving it.

  • gtjr

    sounds like a bunch of california goons all mad about something as usual video looks sick to me

  • americanpride

    these guys are the biggest kooks… they always come up to OC when it gets over over head high and drive their skis right to the best spot and do step offs. it is funny though because everyone paddling still gets better barrels. and i second what andrew said.

  • Stephanie G

    sounds like some of you are a bit jealous. The Wild Lyfe guys are all hotties. They get deep, they rip, they know how to have fun, and most of all are respectful in and out of the water. Good job as usual with the video guys can’t wait for more

  • Matt W

    This video is AWESOME! Wish I got some waves like that from this swell but some of us have to work. The inside the tube shots are amazing. The Wild Lyfe once again another great video. Thanks for sharing the stoke