SURFING Presents: Sweet Marie

posted by / Video / August 29, 2014

Hurricane Marie rubbed Newport Beach and she rubbed it just the right way. It was the biggest ever, the best ever, the sexiest ever — you could throw any hyperbole in the world at it and nary a cynic would scowl. Folks were even comparing Newport Point to Pipe and for once, that comparison was almost agreeable. Certainly, you’ve already seen the photos so now watch SURFING’s very own clip of the swell. Featuring Kolohe Andino, Oliver Kurtz, Koa Smith, Jamie O’Brien, Timmy Reyes, Jordy Smith and of course, Sweet Marie.

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  • Vladamir Putin

    Wow. Caves.

  • Codex

    Sik soundtrack for the bombing of Newport.

  • Yoda

    Good stuff.

  • Topanga69Canyon


  • hope4ever

    I hate to burst your bubble,but in the 70’s Newport Point had a 2 week swell ,along with strong santa ana winds and the point was much more defined,making it absolute perfection ,with rooster tails and 8 -15 ‘ ++ faces.
    I admit that Wednesdays waves were EPIC , but the point has changed quite a bit from the good ol days.

  • aussiedude

    Wow if that was the best ever. I feel sorry for surfers that live in California.

  • Aaron

    Who’s the artist of the music? Love the track.

  • lindsay

    so sick! can anyone tell me the jam in this video?

  • Alohajonny

    God the crowds and drop-in’s are off the charts. This video does not do the kooks credit.

  • RimToRimToMarie

    Sounds like the Budos Band.

  • 805local

    This video is only cool because it is Newport Point. Funny how one beach gets a swell that finally breaks once every 10 years, but there are other spots in CA that do this multiple times a year… I will be glad when this swell is over and my non-surfer friends stop asking me about it. Even more glad when the actual surf media stops over hyping it.

  • ryan

    “I hate to burs your bubble” there’ always some one upper jackass like this. Good for you and your story

  • OnePercenter

    The macho surfing mag culture continues to confuse ‘best’ with ‘biggest’.

  • OnePercenter

    Loved the double-bird reaction of the guy who got hacked and managed to make the barrel anyway.

  • hope4ever

    Surf lore bro, it’s all about history.
    Times have changed many of the epic surf breaks ,like Trestles and the Point.
    We were fortunate to surf epic breaks without the 100’s of people in the line up.
    Catch a wave buddy :)

  • Jon C. Garner

    One hyperbole you could not add was that it had the best shape ever. Not even close to “Pipeline Comes to Newport” in the sixties. But it was every bit as big. Interesting for me – I took stills of several of those and now I get to see how the rides ended up.

  • Hawaii

    Stoked for you guys in Cali! but Wish we could see more locals getting shacked then pros.

  • PellsWouldConcur

    Sour apple shite you are cryin’ ryan. hope4evah is right.

  • human guy

    Let’s see photos of a spot in CA doing this multiple times a year. Link me please. Can’t wait to see.

  • human guy

    There are a lot of locals in this video, more than pros probably. Why do you care?

  • jon doe

    A 30-second ad? Go fuck yourself.

  • P.S. Foley

    Opening of my book West Newport Blues at the point on a day like this.

  • Tony

    It’s always better in the 70’s haha

  • CP

    Insane day. I was there for this swell and Hurricane Linda in 97′ was bigger and better and much less crowded.

  • brawley

    kolohe drives a prius?

  • John Mark Beverage

    I agree hope4ever. I lived in Newport in the late 60’s thru the 70’s and had some epic days at the point. Now I’m retired and surfing in Puerto Vallarta. Hurricane Marie gave us 10 days of double overhead surf and bigger at the standout spots. No denying Newport was at it’s best in a long time.

  • Mama Mia

    Zack gross wasn’t born in the 70’s

  • brent

    Human Guy….. Here is a hint……..San Diego County……..Huge Cliffs

  • hope4ever

    I surfed the point with the Newport crew everyday for 2 weeks , on that mid 70’s swell, also got great Malibu and insane Cottons ,the day the point closed out. I remember the Point was perfect with strong Santana winds , and you could paddle around it, without getting your hair wet.

  • Chardonay Le Blanc

    The point did seem to break a lot more often in the ’70s, but this was a solid swell, and really good. I feel sorry for the locals, however, having their little window to paradise advertised to the entire world. Next time it comes up there will be hundreds in the lineup. Don’t ever tell the surf media anything you don’t want the world to know.

  • Chardonay Le Blanc

    I love when people who weren’t alive in the ’70s criticize that or any other era they know nothing about.

  • Nick

    How’s Jordy dropping in on Taj Tucker?

  • duranne

    That was the 70s, and I remember. This is the 2010s, an epic new legacy.

  • C5

    All you have to do is check it out in the Video Forgotten Island of Santosha, by the way I’m the guy going right flying out the back. This swell was pretty similar, may be not quite as clean, but memory always favors the good. Wednesday seemed a little gnarlier!

  • C5

    The surfing wednesday was far and away 100 time better than 1972

  • Steve venz

    I got 2 of the biggest waves that day but no vid or photo… Sucks that sup’s get no respect…

  • 805local

    No need for a link, they are literally right in front of your face. Learn to read a swell chart and go find them yourself. Brent have you a hint to probably the most popular one below, there are a handful of others out there, all SoCal, just a bit hidden.

  • Refrus Ruofefil

    Another swell to get nostalgic for dcades.

  • yep

    Ha Ha Ha ! Are you serious ???

  • Raymond Savoie

    Gratitude is Essential !!!!!!
    Amazing Swell !!!
    Yes , thank You Marie !!!!
    Topanga Roots , gone North . ;-)))

  • wes

    I know the swell your talking about! late Sept. early Oct. 1971 or 72. So big and perfect all day long, tubes so big, saw a guy catch his rail and ride up the elevator then free fall in the tube, upside down and not touching any water. Big and Beautiful! Love the Point! I may know you….we all knew each other back then, before Surfer Mag wrote about….Newport Pipeline! Then is was 200 guys instead of 20 out in the water.

  • NHS

    Here are some of the names of guys ripping that rad 70s swell at 19th: John Van Ornum, Ed Farwell, and I remember seeing Derek Ho there also, chest pumping deep deep in the barrel. It was the heaviest SoCal display I ever experienced and I don’t think the Point has broken the same way since.

  • gern blanston

    If you think he’s lying then you haven’t traveled around much.

  • nice

    nice, but a bit monotonous, a different camera angle once or twice wouldnt hurt.

  • Tries to kill it….

    Just outta curiosity what would be the best board for these waves? Advanced surfer, 185 lbs only rides a 5’8 thick thruster ….

  • 420ganjababe

    kolohe burning my buddy 2nd wave. yewww brother!!!!!!

  • lolzzzz

    Silver Strand and the Naval Base are probably what 805 local is referring to. Whoops! Didn’t want someone blowing up your spots 805local? Shouldn’t have been a jackass!

  • Callendorf

    What ever happened to the stoke? 805Local???? Get the hell outta here kook, with your localism, and quit trolling. Your localism bullshit means you know nothing about Newport, you’re just pissed cus Silverstrand wasn’t “over hyped” and was crap this day. Quit hating! I will be glad when people like you disappear from the line-ups, never glad for a swell like this to end.

  • Negerland Affirmative Over

    Would National Security Counselor C. Hayden allay these photographs into other social media platforms as utilitarian of those spread out onto their confounded treaties and state run organisations – those whose systems do this justice and meant for those using non registered cell phones or those that are open/unlocked which should refrain from airplane mode and open use of WiFi under hotspot and/or accomodations to allow browsing and uploading credentialed metadata until graduated citizenship is thus maintained? I think not.

  • was there

    if possible archive the front page of the L.A. Times newspaper for September in 1975. It was a Friday. Don’t know which one.

  • human guy

    a computer screen is literally right in front of my face, so that’s another false exaggeration. I’m telling you that places in CA do not break like Pipeline multiple times a year, if you think there is then let’s see it. Maybe Ocean Beach in SF, but that’s about it.

  • human guy

    I don’t think he is lying, he just has a mad case of penis envy at the moment.

  • human guy

    Thanks for the hint…I live in ob and surf the cliffs all the time. Every spot. All the time. Also was at Newport Point this day (since I can read a swell chart, 805 local) and I have NEVER seen ANYTHING come close to that at Cliffs. Ya it gets really good in the winter, ain’t no pipe comparisons though.

  • human guy

    Bren’ts hint is fucking retarded I live in ocean beach and surf the cliffs all the fucking time, every fucking nook in that joint. I was at Newport Point wednesday BECAUSE I CAN READ A SWELL CHART, and nothing compares to what my eyes saw that day. Yes it get’s really good at cliffs, and Ralphs was firing that day I heard, but fuck no has Pipeline ever visited Sunset Cliffs. Get real.

  • Vincent Newsom


  • Topanga69Canyon


  • Raymond Savoie

    Really Great full To Be From Topanga !
    I Recon You Are Too ?
    To Bad It Got So Crowed !!
    Was Pretty Classic Back When Traften
    was The King !!!!!!!!!

  • Percy Dovetonsils


  • VinceBuzz

    Everybody take a deep breath and rethink it all. No need to undercover secrets or piss on anyone’s parade. Marie was a very great memorable swell… Stoked…

  • Kenny Strawn

    I can’t help but compare Marie with 1997’s Linda… and 2009’s Rick. Kind of funny how they all have El Niño in common…

  • surf here ur gpa not laid yet

    So were the boards, apples and oranges you fn idiot, respect Newport starting with the oldest locals first or don’t come

  • Chad Towersey

    Surfing Mag… Why are you guys hyping this swell to make everyone aware that Newport might be the spot to surf this weekend? So lame in my opinion. And any local who feels differently probably set up shop within the last 10 years. (Aka Overnighter) Come on Surfing Mag, at least be somewhat core… Don’t be such a bunch of sell outs to hype last summers Swell of the Century to drive some impressions on your pre roll ad unit.

  • StaceyLavueManhattan

    My brother just said you must be super young because that is not the biggest it’s ever been. So best edit that part. He’s ridden Blackies and 54th even bigger.