Hurricane Sandy // South Florida // 5:12

posted by / Video / October 31, 2012

Sandy bears gifts — dripping in gold

Best Florida ever?

Surfers: Evan Geiselman, Tayler Brothers, Jesse Heilman, Oliver Kurtz, Chris Ward, Cory Lopez, Shea Lopez, Asher Nolan, Pete Mendia

Chris Ward, Hurricane Sandy

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  • Glitch McStitch

    without a doubt the most annoying butchering of surf video footage of all time. who the fuck told this guy we wanted to see every wave eppilepttic seizuerelyy slowed down then sped up? did he get paid by the minute on this or something? good footage but annoying as fuck.

  • John Fox

    Amazing fucking surf.

  • Kyle

    Great footage… absolutely terrible editing

  • yah

    Slow motion is lame….learn how to edit

  • Scott

    I liked it. Haters go sponge.


    wow great video! gets me PUMPED UP! HULK SMASH! the editing was great for me… got to pay a little closer attention to those body movements one looks for right when they’re setting the line or pivoting for a S turn… thanks for the video!

  • calimon

    great footage, and surf. hope there was a moment of peace for those who did not survive the storm.

  • MIke

    wanted to watch the whole thing but the music and editing was so bad couldn’t stay on the site..

    Feels like a snowboarder made this edit..AWFUL

  • Sponge

    Scott..haters go sponge…really?
    you’re lame just like your words and most likely a kook
    Not sure who made the vid but its way better than what you would have done anyways
    Watch ur words or I’ll slap you with my fins.. give respect to earn it dick

  • j

    So stoked on the slow mo! That is a serious lesson in pig dogging. Evan’s first wave is his best, and I hear it was the first wave of the morning! The slower the shot, the more I get to see! Fuck people, including me, that waste their energy being pricks.

  • DC

    Was some of this shot south of the Boynton inlet?

  • ct

    great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d

    Thought the Edit was sick!! Haters always hate

  • william shaw

    Best ever??? Absolutely not!! Top 20???/ probably…Surfer mag had a lil section in the 80’s called,East Coast Surfer…Only still pics,but ,seen alot better pics,of beatiful,and bigger north swell in winter..Not to mention all the epic days I’ve seen personally here in Fl.over the last 30+ years in the water..Usually too cold for photogs though,,40-50 degrees air temp. but,80 degree water temps,,,hahahahaha,,,Stay on the “left” coast ,and hawaii,in the winter,,,we got enough transplanted kooks here already!!!!

  • shaun

    It is the video and I thought it was my FIOS acting up after Sandy…

  • Haagen Dazs

    Wardo for President

    Vote out DUBSTEP!

  • Gerard

    Sick video all around. For those of you that didn’t like the edits, it’s because you haven’t the faintest clue how difficult those drops were. This videographer was attempting to teach you clowns how to do it. Excellent work Colorblind. Your slow-mos were appropriately tutorial. Don’t pay any attention to the computer-kooks.

  • Christopher

    it is called the song of the video?

  • Alex

    I also enjoy the slow-mos…this song kicks ass with it. Nice timing. Without slowing down some of the footage it would not hit as hard with the music. The shot with the bird is a nice touch.

  • Potatoe