Ian Crane // San Clemente // 2:29

posted by / Video / April 14, 2012

Ian clocks more water time than just about anyone — no wonder the big grin

Massive corkscrew tail huck at 2:08

Ian Crane, San Clemente

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10 Responses to “Ian Crane // San Clemente // 2:29”

  1. Brady says:

    worst song ive ever heard in my life

  2. jake ericson says:

    reminds of the bogus music on taylor steele soundtracks: poser punk

  3. bro says:

    One of the worst videos I’ve ever seen, couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

  4. ^^these guys dont know what there talking about says:

    sick edit

  5. iser says:

    good video but horrible music..

  6. Tanner says:

    Yeah those guys are fucking stupid if you think the simpletones are a bad band you dont deserve to listen. go listen to your slightly stoopid or some stupid fucking rap craze thats going on. Never talk bad about the simpletones.

  7. Jordan says:

    Agreed. Great video!

  8. jake ericson says:

    i can talk crap about whoever i like… its a comment section. go find a gloryhole and open your mouth there. beats getting off on here.

  9. yeah guy says:

    I just came to this one for the comments… and I was not disappointed.

  10. peter says:


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