Ian Gentil // Bender // 5:21

posted by / Video / June 9, 2014

Ian Gentil can lay a good turn, he can land a good air and he can navigate his way through a proper barrel. And yeah yeah yeah, so can everybody else with two stickers and a thruster. But you know what makes Ian different? The way he surfs bigger waves. Not XXL big, but the solid surf that seems to hinder most people’s performance — the kind of waves in which Andy proved why he was one of the best surfers ever. In Bender, Ian surfs a variety of conditions but really shines in the brawny stuff. Isn’t it lovely?

For more of Ian, check out his brand new website here.

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  • stupidhaole

    lovely or lucky? you got the first part right … yea yea yeah…but not many can live Maui and surf all day every. Who’s Andy? And no many can get sets at Honolua and when I came out the barrel behind that sponger he wanted to kick my ass….

  • Mik

    me like. me like everything. filming, surfing, style, music. actually, i take that back. me no like the sponge drop-in. no like at all.

  • waiside

    nuff filming that waiehu spot

  • da captain

    nuff filming that waiehu spot you know where fuck y’all

  • ImissthelittleIanGentil

    Where is the last wave he is surfing at? It almost looks like a harbor?