Ian Gentil // Indonesia // 5:33

posted by / Video / November 12, 2013

Don’t let the height fool you — Ian Gentil is merely 17 years old. If the lanky kid from Maui has any flaws, they are very hard to identify in this clip. Ian gets barreled, lays rail and even floats a few stalefish for good measure. One can only image what he’ll look like at 20.

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4 Responses to “Ian Gentil // Indonesia // 5:33”

  1. bufu says:

    Insane rail game. Best 17 yr old on the planet?

  2. Drew says:

    Sick fawkin’ edit. Looks like he outgrew his board during the trip.

  3. ulysses says:

    i found a flaw he took a boat out L.P. kinda weak.

  4. Squid says:

    Hey Ulysses that’s funny! Thought the same. Great surfing, shredder of the future for sure.

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