Ian Gouveia // California // 1:29

posted by / Video / August 7, 2014

Time for a (not overwhelmingly) bold claim! Brazilians surf California better than anyone else. If the Wilian Cardoso VS Filipe Toledo final at the Vans US Open wasn’t enough proof for you, here’s an edit of Ian Gouveia going bananas in SoCal. How about the clip at :11? Where did he even come from on that? While the claim might not apply to all California waves (we’re looking at you Rincon), there’s simply no denying it in the less than stellar summertime crumbs.

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  • Vladamir Putin

    So pumped to see Filipe at teahupoo!

  • James B


  • wade

    There also the biggest assholes?

  • fuck off haters

    Really impressed!!

  • Bob Hurley

    I guess head high lowers is less than stellar now

  • Home Run Harry

    I bet you won’t say that to they’re face!

  • PumpPumpAirReverse

    8 air reverses in a minute and a half is the best surfing in California

  • Harry Run Home

    They are face……haha good one

  • igor


  • Home Run Harry

    It was a joke you cock basket. I was playing off his: There (place) also the biggest assholes. Guess I should have said they’re faces but whatever. Eat a dick.

  • Michael Soule

    Brazilians are a force to be reckoned with. Believe it!

  • #sleighlife

    I’m 38 and I can surf better than him. Tired of seeing the industry play down the boys sticking its nose where it should not and believe again in those who do not give up. Like our government some should be pulled from the jobs and replaced. Support american surfers dammit, #sleighlife

  • Avi. B.

    The boy is good!

  • Grunion

    There are some great Brazilian surfers out there. But i wouldn’t say they they out surf an entire state of people at a home break thats not theirs.

  • Harry Run Home


  • kamthekook

    he;s out on injury

  • Karl Myers

    Wow, that guy is good. Really, really good. I hope to see him on the WCT soon – I could tell he has power as well as the air game.

  • Vladamir Putin

    Sooooooooo his ankle was healthy enough to land 300 airs in shitty huntington but he can’t drop in and go straight at Teahupoo? Smells fishy.

  • Ty

    I’m gonna stick it right up his lil ninny. Just after I fuck a dolphin or two.

  • Max Bressan

    I didn’t know that being passionate is being an asshole. When you come from nothing and end up out surfing a lot of “american” surfers who are put up on a golden throne, I would be rubbing it all over your face. Stop hating you idiots. (Speaking to the ones with negative comments) This kid is GNARLY and he has a great style no like the rest of the brazilians who have not so good of style but still rip super hard.

  • Guest

    Homophobe much? Just saying…

  • Michael Soule

    Homophobe much? Just saying… 😉

  • Michael Soule

    What ever happened to “All surfers are one”? Bad attitudes will go nowhere. Just saying. 😉