Ian Gouveia // Hawaii // 1:49

posted by / Video / May 30, 2014

We were going to question this new edit of Ian Gouveia. It’s from winter in Hawaii, but it’s coming out in late May. Weird, right? But then we started watching it. Some of Ian’s airs are ridiculous and he rounds it all out with some quality turns and tubes. No further questions.

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  • Jeff


  • No more Gilette

    @SurferMag, you are f#)(#$)n killing me with these stupid Gillette commercials. Running them before every vid with no option to skip makes me want to NEVER buy them.

    On a lighter note, that was a sick fkn clip.

  • mel

    spot on with the razor ads, how many hairy old salty surf mutts even ever shave, mate? don’t waste our time with that angle , lets see some xxxxl condom ads, ya know something applicable to de viewing crew, right?

  • mel

    oh yeah, sorry Ian, that clips gold, bro, nicely done…