ING x NYC Episode 2

posted by / Video / September 14, 2011

Balaram Stack


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4 Responses to “ING x NYC Episode 2”

  1. bufu says:

    Nice clip! And sic airs by Bal and Lief. But remind me again why Bal didn’t surf in the trials and earn his spot.

  2. Capt Obvi says:

    @Bufu have you seen the Quiksilver sticker on his board?

  3. enlightened says:

    Really? Bal is NY’s guy. Seen around the world in every mag. He rides for Quik. How could he NOT get a wildcard in the event hosted in his hometown. He is a novelty, NY’s most famous young gun.

  4. tommy says:

    some of the airs those guys are throwing are nuts… engstrom had like 5 over rotations

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