Innersection: Winter Round Qualifiers

posted by / Video / May 23, 2011

So an Englishman, a New Zealander, a Mauian, a Californian, and Jamie O’Brien walk into a bar…

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  • Bobson

    Cool crew. I’d say JOB, Albee and R-Ash all have the skills to win it. No idea how these NZ randoms creep in.

  • Lee Evans

    Nice work by Reubyn & Timmy. First European surfer in a Taylor Steele flick.

  • Todd Saunders

    Albee’s owning the heat.

  • red gecko

    What about Zoltan Torkos?

  • Matt O’Brien

    Stoked for Nat & jamie O, the rest Too. Gonna be a good Innersection 2.0

  • Benj

    JOB was borned to win this thing. Reckon his section’s gonna be a smoker (but his qualifier was a bit half-arsed).

  • LostMyWay

    GOOOORRRRKIIIN come back!

  • Surf Sexy

    Id totally do nasty nasty things with Reubyn and Jamie. Albee and Nat might be too young, and Richard is just…well why doesn’t anyone call him Dick?

  • and she

    for 5 bucks what u expect? lobster

  • derek

    How’s that floater in the JOB section? The ASP judges would have lost their minds if they saw that! Can they give a 15 point score for one wave?

    Floaters are the new progressive surfing.

  • WhoIsIOU

    Floater earned JOB the wild card, I hear.

  • ImLovinIt

    Zoltan Torkos pulled a kickflip! What about him???

  • Me, Myself and I

    derek says:
    May 24, 2011 at 2:28 am

    Can`t you just let it go, bro? We are in another topic here.

  • Jay

    gorkin is too cool and edgy for squeeky clean taylor.

  • Smoke A Jay

    And by “cool and edgy”, Jay means, too stoned to find his way home. Florida is thattaway, buddy.

  • Nick

    Hahaha….Rueben ash takes my vote… Albee Layer a close second….Im calling a early retirement for JOB…. PS… Zoltan Torkos is a one hit wonder.