Insight’s New Groove

posted by / Video / November 14, 2009

SURFING was there

When we sent SURFING’s Scott Chenoweth to Australia as part of an Insight trip, he was supposed to observe and collaborate with their team riders and clothing designers. He was an innocent and starry-eyed art geek with a mean layback – basically the kid from Almost Famous. Then, on the road with Insight’s surf/skate bohemians and freaky creative team, Scott saw things. He was changed. He returned to us surfing better than ever, and bearing volumes of absurd and fantastical artwork he’d done on his journey. We didn’t really understand…until we watched this video Insight made to launch their new campaign, “Repeat After Me: I Am Free,” which was conceived during the trip.

Oooohhh. Now we get it.

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  • kyle

    That video, more like a movie, was so sick!!! Love the hippie bus and the shredding! yew

  • http://NA StrangerDanger

    Holy drug problems! Just look at these guys eyes. Does Insight also make ecstasy pills? I thought it was just clothing. And the way they’re wandering around those fields on mushrooms — way to pine for the ’60s, guys. I think you made it there…now have another pill. Steds and Otton: druggiest pros ever.

  • Stan the Man

    Repeat After My: I am High.

  • red fred

    this video is legit, it’s alright if you guys miss the concept they don’t care. advice for haters, go organize your room or books or something.

  • mindy

    S.F….I could not said it better myself.