Isaac Stant // Maui // 2:45

posted by / Video / June 25, 2012

Video: Dylan McNeil
Surfer: Isaac Stant
Location: Maui

Isaac is part of the 2 – 30ft+ Maui crew — doing it all under the sun

Meet Maui’s son


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5 Responses to “Isaac Stant // Maui // 2:45”

  1. nancy meola says:

    Nice Isaac.

  2. woodie says:

    ISAAC!!!! Go BIG! Just real surfing, no BS. Selling boardshorts means nothing at the top of a 30′ wave.

  3. Oliviaa says:

    AWESOME ISAAC! You’re doing great

  4. [...] Isaac, who’s been training at CFUM a little more than two months, is also a seasoned surfer who was featured recently on The young athlete and KKHS grad is making quick gains in CrossFit with Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics movements, including ring and bar muscle-ups and handstand push-ups. Check out his surfing video here: Isaac Stant // Maui // 2:45 | SURFING Magazine. [...]

  5. Moani Lima says:

    Hana hou Issac!

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