Jake Halstead // La Jolla // 1:27

posted by / Video / November 14, 2012

Video: Brian Mulvihill

Three October days

“The Shack Attack”

Jake Halstead

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  • ryda


  • UCSD

    really?!?! that clip was horrible, 10 backside 180’s and NO actual turns…you gotta be kidding me for Surfing Magazine. please show real surfers really surfing.

  • 1210


  • Rattpack

    Commenter “UCSD” is a typical kook transplant from inland that transferred his bio med units to UCSD and has been surfing for 8 months. “Hi I am from UCSD and I surf Blacks when it is 1ft”. Why don’ you take your “go pro” attached to your “made in china” surftech & get some better clips poser…or better yet graduate and go home.

  • windansea

    Hey UCSD come to windansea and say something