Jaws Surfers // Peahi, Maui // 14:00

posted by / Video / March 2, 2012

Video by DAKINE / Wangdu Hovey
Directed by Micah Nickens

“After my first few days [paddling], I felt much more accomplished at night.” — Ian Walsh

Walshes, Meola, Layer, and cohorts discuss paddling Peahi

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  • notcool

    Yeah maui boys! Charging! Sick video!

  • james b

    Great waves and great surfers. But they could have gave the credit to the pioneers of paddle surfing in Jaws, the brazilian crew called “Mad Dogs”. Danilo Couto, Marcio Moraes and Yuri Soledade have been surfing Jaws only with his arms power for a few years now, and just the last season big surfers worldwide have awake to Jaws paddle surfing.

    So, a little credit to the humble brazilian chargers pioneers would be nice.

  • Chas Smith

    What’s the big deal here? A bunch of straight-off Adolphs on a slow rolling burger with a few barrel dodges thrown in. Everyone knows the cliff angle makes it looks bigger and harder.

    Next winter I’ll show these country bumpkins how to really ride their wave and then host a fashion show in the channel.


  • albee

    someone fire chas smith.

  • Lucy

    Bleh. More soft, mushburgers shot from a cliff view. Big deal. I’m smikong cigarettes and just finished stroking **insert pro surfer name here**’s taint. I wear **insert overpriced kooky fashion name here**. I’m cooler than you.Chas