Jesse Guglielmana // Hawaii // 1:35

posted by / Video / April 22, 2014

Jesse who? 19-year-old Jesse Guglielmana — Huntington born, Hawaii bred — isn’t likely a household name yet. But edits like this, put together after only a few sessions filming at home, ought to garner him a bit of recognition.

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  • Evan Valiere

    sick surfing jesse!

  • Bobby

    Give me a break…those are not even real waves…just a little kid playing in the water….hahah…..come on get real…I Gess surfing mag will run any junk……

  • jonboy

    whats wrong with playing in the water? Thats all surfing is anyway bra..having fun

  • Haukulemai

    Brah! No like expose! I going tell chava. He going snap. Plus he stay doing cross fit so he’s all tap! Haole boys is not allowed fo be able fo make any kine ova hea. Only us local brahdahs is da ones fo make like dis and show of da aina.

  • Mike A

    Glad I don’t have to surf waves like that, but good on him for ripping them…

  • Chava

    Wooga wooga wooga! Wooga wooga wooga wooga wooga WOOGA! Dirka dirka wooga instagram wooga gopro wooga wooga! Grrrrrrrrr! Wooga wooga!