Joao Marco Maffini // Maui // 2:49

posted by / Video / February 13, 2013

Joao’s seventeen and charging with the big boys

Sent from Albee Layer and stamped with his approval

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5 Responses to “Joao Marco Maffini // Maui // 2:49”

  1. matt meola says:

    yeahhhh buddddyyyy

  2. albee says:

    the real deal

  3. ale-marcelli says:

    Bravo joao marco!! siiiiiick

  4. Pietro Porcella says:

    Grande Joao, I wish you GO with Francisco at the Worlds in Panama or come in Sardinia in June at the Chia Classic

  5. woody says:

    The kids are Allright!!! What’s in the water there on Maui?

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