Joel Tudor // Vans’ Classic Tales // 3:16

posted by / Video / November 7, 2012

A story about bad traffic, a lost surfboard and a strange but surprisingly good samaritan, after the jump!

In’s newest episode of Classic Tales, Vans surfer and longboarding pro Joel Tudor tells us of a serious close call on losing a beloved surfboard. Guest starring filmmaker Thomas Campbell and the late Donald Takayama, Joel’s close friend and legendary surfboard shaper. Surfing lost an icon with the passing of Takayama in October 2012 and Joel shares a vivid memory of a true innovator in this episode of Classic Tales.

In a special collaboration with Los Angeles artist Jay Howell and director/animator Jim Dirschberger, presents the new animated series Classic Tales, sharing eye-popping, mind-bending tales of fantasy, delusion and peculiar antics from various Vans team riders including Christian Hosoi, Joel Tudor, Tony Alva and more! For more outrageous stories from the team, visit the series page here on

Joel Tudor

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  • aleskip

    Joel, I love you, but who did that video benefit? You may have had a target audience in mind, but given that it’s on the www, anyone can see it including kids (like mine) and old people and people who appreciate civility. The expletives did not make the story more interesting or impactful, but less so.

    I don’t want to hear you drop F-Bombs; I wanna see you drop into bombs! Actually, I wanna see your toes catching air, but catching bombs is cool too.