John John Florence // “Departure Delayed” // 4:12

posted by / Video / January 3, 2013

If you’re wondering when you can buy John Florence and Blake Kueny’s new surf flick, Done, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, it will be out soon. Very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this ridiculously high action/high quality edit, which is in every possible way, movie worthy. It’s guaranteed enough to hold you over till Done hits iTunes.

Departure Delayed

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  • John Fox

    This surf flick is going to be sick! Love the energy and pace of the film delivered in this preview. John John totally rips, as usual.

  • jam

    damn, that was nuts

  • Robbie

    love the steep progression in surfing airs today, pretty amazing performance from john john!

  • Michael

    That was SICK!!

  • Travman

    This video makes me want to go surfing… good music, style, and multiple angles and different types of waves. Its about time a younger surfer put together something good.

  • Mik

    Oh yeah… The John John era has arrived… And it’s going to be gnar-gnar.

  • Ben

    Best surfer in the world. Wow.

  • wow

    He is way better then medina kid in my book. Has a great hawaiian style surfing and new school tricks. good job john john . Can’t wait till you bring back the title home.

  • 92007

    shit!!!! he is getting so, so good. i love they way he stops his airs! smooth as butter!

  • M Anderson

    what can you say about this kid he has it all..

  • aphh

    best surfer in the world right now… hands down

  • Sean Rags

    Dear Jon Jon,

    You’re gnarly!! Was that Grayson Fletcher skating?? Looked like his style….anyways killing it, all around good stuff. Got me stoked, I’m ready to shred!

  • marly

    anyone now the song?

  • MDub

    Dane is now irrelevant

  • dude

    everybody else should just put their surfboards away. who do they think they are fooling?

  • Kent

    So sick! J.J. is now my favorite surfer. He has the smooth style of Curren, the innate feel for the tube like Lopez and his airs are just richter! My brother works for O’neill and he is so bummed J.J. went to Hurley, as am I. But at least it’s a real surf company and not Target!!

  • IsoceleseTriangle

    that computer generated video, right?
    next, next level…

  • Timmy

    Marly,have u heard of shazam app,on an i phone,its boogie buy UFO