John John Florence // Enjoy // 6:08

posted by / Video / January 1, 2014

Life ain’t nothing but a dream for John John Florence and Enjoy is a fine example of that. In the short film, John wakes up in Europe, learns that his schedule appears to be clear and goes onto enjoy his day. And, for John John Florence, enjoying your day means being the best surfer on earth. We would list some highlights, but let’s be honest here — it’s John John. Everything is a highlight. Happy New Year.

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  • Plier

    Love JJ surfing but what is with the audio selection. Good thing for mute. Could have been so much better with a good (or even half decent) audio track.

  • teo de castro

    i meet this kid in log cabins he is so humble and has all talent his a little bit tom cur rem,matt archbold and kelly slater BUT his original so god bless john you got long way to go!!!!!!

  • Yo

    Thank you for acknowledging that plier. Bad music ruins good surfing this is the perfect example.

  • its ok

    Your life is a dream too. You too can go to Euro, Backpack, skate, look at the sky…anyone can do this and even get good waves too….Happy New Year

  • veach

    awesome vid! great seeing JonJon progress to an undefined level. and if you dont like the music, go create your own vid.

  • Mik


  • jd

    Wow! Great surfing doesn’t care if you like the music. Just watch it over and over and over. John is the best surfer in the world and he is only going to get better.

  • ItsOnlyAParkinglotWang

    Coulda done without 1/2 the periperahls / lifestyle overkill in the beginning tho’ I am a big fan of that type of videography when properly paced and edited in.
    And there was some cool-ass non-surfing imagery too worth seeing.
    Bottom line is that it was worth wading through it all to get to the surfing- how many world titles he can win in the future is up to JJ’s health and whats between his ears.
    Truly the one sky’s the limit talent on the CT…