John John Florence // Gold Coast, Australia // 3:52

posted by / Video / April 3, 2013

Surfer: John John Florence
Skaters: Greyson Fletcher & Jack Fardell
Filmed: Erik Knutson
Edited: Blake Vincent Kueny
Colored: Sean Benik

Roaming free at Snapper to ankle combustion during the Quiky Pro

John John synthesizes golden clips on the Goldy

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  • Joko

    Fuck yeah, John John! Hottie at 2:40.

  • mcgaff

    sick vid

  • nahs

    which is the song? awesome

  • matixa

    the song…Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”

  • one_thousand_dances

    Great video, thanks for posting. Not to sound like too much of a dick but I’m wondering if any enterprising surf journalist has actually thought to pick up the phone and see what’s happening with JJF’s ankle? Impossible to find any information on it online now that the Internet is drowning in white noise over Taylor Swift non-dating. Meanwhile, all the surf mag sites are only reposting videos from other sources rather than reporting anything … great stuff, but would love to know when he’ll be back in the water.

  • Jimmicane

    Talked with him last week. He was in a hyperbaric chamber. Says he can walk without pain and was really frustrated with watching perfect waves at home and not being able to surf.

    Unless there’s a setback, he will be ready for Brazil, but for the most part seems like John doesn’t talk about where he’s going or when he’s gonna do something. He just does it and then you see it, like this awesome edit.

  • one_thousand_dances

    Thanks for the update (considering we’ve had high surf warnings in Country the last few days, I can see why he’d be frustrated…)