John John Florence // Hi Shred-Ability // 9:55

posted by / Video / November 11, 2013

Vice Magazine has quite a little romance with surfing. Last month, they profiled Carissa Moore and this month they visit John John Florence. We learn that your favorite surfer just bought a new house on the North Shore. We see his photographs and we practically taste his unrivaled arugula. And, if nothing else, we learn that it is totally uncool to look for turtles at Laniakea. Must feel great to be king.

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  • beachcrewzer

    yea …he will die someday ..just not today.

  • its ok

    he should have got the Tundra, more head room.

  • ahhh duh

    Umm, yeah, Vice ( has interesting and sometimes challenging subject matter. Unlike your sad, one dimensional, provincial attitude and editorial-ship — they bring something worth thinking about. They have the courage to take chances. Step it up and do something worth… anything!

  • john

    wtf that was lame, filmed like crap, edited like crap and boring. good job vice keep up the amazing work