John John Florence And Kelly Slater Talk About The Heat

posted by / Video / August 28, 2014

19.77 to 19.77. That was the scoreline of the John John Florence and Kelly Slater semifinal heat at the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti. They were a mere .46 from surfing the first ever perfect heat in WCT history and it will be remembered as one of the greatest heats of all time. You’ve already heard our thoughts on it in the final day recap, so here’s what John John and Kelly make of it.

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  • matt obrien

    The best!

  • GVB

    ‘goodbye dad’!! ahahaha

  • chase newsom

    you mean .46

  • Barns

    Thank you. Just Thank you. This is what we want to see and hear.

  • Brian

    Sucks the judges are corrupt because these are the two best surfers in the world. Can surf it all–small too XL waves. Mick, Joel, and maybe even Medina (Medina more deserving than Mick & Joel FYI) can win the titles, but JJF and Slater are hands down best all around and best personalities…Glad JJf came along as Slater is retiring. Keeps the excitement alive…

  • MDA

    Yep better to be luckey than good and guess what hard work makes us luckey..

  • al

    two of the best barrel riders in the world, just hanging and respecting each others opinions and expertise..pretty awesome

  • FlaBeau AldTess

    BrasSilSilSilSil…hehe..Ah guri.

  • ZEUS

    well, JJF was conceived around the time of the 1991 triple crown, just saying…

  • GVB

    Yes of course, but it is great to see professional surfers that compete against each other sometimes making fun of each other 😉

  • ZEUS

    i totally agree with you, but can’t actually rule out that Kelly might be his father… he was on the north shore when JJF was conceived.

  • Tim Johnston

    Kelly is blessed by skill,intuition and balance along with great insight. He predicted when John John was 6 yrs.old, he would be the next big thing. To see them competing against each other is awesome.

  • kim lizzini

    why dont you read john john”s dad”s book that was just published on amazon F.E.A.R. BY JOHN L FLORENCE to see where JJ was conceived

  • kim lizzini

    JJ dad just published a book on amazon F.E.A.R. by John L Florence..see where JJ was conceived

  • ZEUS

    i was being facetious.. guess you didn’t pick up on that. why would i want to read a 69 page “book” about JJF’s alcoholic deadbeat dad?
    day dreaming that Kelly and MomJohn conspired to conceive the ultimate surfing love child is far more entertaining and intellectually stimulating anyhow. are you his publicist or something?