John John Florence // Pipeline // 3:05

posted by / Video / December 20, 2013

John John Florence discussing his run to the podium at 2013 the Billabong Pipeline Masters? Might as well be a Ted Talk. This clip is full of amazing insight from the soon to be ruler. Highlights are JJF talking about his tail throw at :48 on account of wow, and that tidbit on Kelly Slater at 2:45. Mind games or genuine excitement? The world may never know.

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  • sean

    zero amounts of emotion

  • greg

    Prophet kelly

  • rick rick

    1:09 .. .move of the year, period.

  • B- DO

    Anyone else catch how he refers to every heat as belonging to the competitor? IE Julian’s Heat, Mick’s heat. John John whether aware of it or not views heats as trying steal heats from other guys… That’s why he’ll always be good and constantly getting better. It’s proven that the best business people and athletes have fear of their competition and continually view themselves as less than, no matter how much success they have. Respect the competition