Jonathan Mincher & Rob Brown // Teahupo’o & Mexico // 3:47

posted by / Video / October 26, 2012

They work for months to spend months on the road and in the barrel

It seems they’ve got their priorities in order


This is my buddy Johnathan Mincher. He’s from Wrightsville Beach, NC and is just one of those guys, along with Rob Brown, who spends all of his time working to save money so he can travel and get barreled. I’ve got tons of respect for people who do that. They rough it everywhere so they can limit spending and stay longer. You’ll see them camping for months in tents on the North Shore, paddling out to Teahupo’o in the dark to get the first waves before the crowd, or not stepping off at Pasquales. All for the love. Here’s a little clip from the summer in Tahiti and Mexico set to the tune of Jimi Hendrix.

Jonathan Mincher

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  • Brett Barley

    Insane video guys…. Mincher and Rob are a couple nut cases when it comes to charging Mexico.

  • BUFU

    Great video! Those dudes surf really well!!!

  • Mike rios

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