Jordy, Kolohe, Filipe & More // Southern California // 2:46

posted by / Video / May 27, 2014

It’s here. Summer. South swell season. Southern California’s finest hour. During the first good run of swell, SURFING filmer Sean Benik decided not to show up to the office. As in, not at all. We weren’t sure if he quit or maybe fell into a sinkhole; we just knew he wasn’t here. Then, at the midnight of our worries, he triumphantly returned with this clip of Filipe Toledo, Yago Dora, Griffin Colapinto, Jake Marshall, Taylor Clark, Kolohe Andino and Jordy Smith enjoying an offering from the south. And wow. The whole production is full of A+ (see: RED Camera), but the ending sequence of Kolohe and Jordy going air for air at Salt Creek is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Frankly, it’s a summertime ballgame that’s actually fun to watch.

Additional footage from Jacob “The Guadalajara Grappler” Vanderwork.

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  • goober

    this is sick

  • song

    Does anyone know what song this is?

  • Collin

    I believe the artist is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

  • Kit

    Song: Alexander – “Truth” from Breaking Bad

  • frontside air reverse

    If Kohaole can pull off a frontside air reverse at Cloudbreak…then I’ll be impressed. 10 fersher

  • frontside air reverse

    I know he’s regular foot. …that’s what would make it impressive. Fuck off.

  • Teddy Allen

    …snor….snor……….more generic airs for kids.

  • oregon loc

    dont waste your time watching it on this site. F you surfing mag for putting these STUPID ads before your clips. you guys suck, go watch it at stacking clips or somewhere else with no shaving ads. jesus christ

  • yeah guy

    stacking clips is one big advertisement too! plus we can’t even post comments about how sick we are of watching kolohe do the same crap as every other 13 year old. he made 1 final, and LOST, he didn’t win the world title, spare us for crying out loud.

  • Mik

    RE: ads: could be worse could be “wave-jet”

    RE: surf anywhere close to Kolehe’s level, and then touch a keyboard with the intent to hate. otherwise, STFU.

  • frontside air reverse

    Kohaole is a over hyped wanna have a Hawaiian name Target reppin frontside air only doin havin a bunch of Gepettos “coaching” him crying ass daddy’s boy. Read that on Jimmy Kimmel. Spoiled no talent California kid. Won’t last a minute in the real world by himself.

  • Mik

    Jimmy Kimmel? wht’evs. i doubt if he’s worried about it. he’s already got 10 x’s more cash than u’ve probably made in your hate addled lifetime…

  • frontside air reverse

    Jimmy Kimmels celebrities reading mean tweets.(over your square head). Kohaole should read my comments out loud to everyone. Maybe itll put fire under his overprivelged ass. Jimmy Kimmel can’t surf. Fuck money. Ill wipe my ass with it. Fuck maggots. They should stop kissing ass….Mik. Mik stop sucking Kohaole and Jimmys ass.

  • Mik

    i’m free to like or dislike whatever the fuck i want:

    i ilke Kolohe’s surfing.

    i don’t have any opinion on jimmy kimmel. none.

    i don’t like your meth-addled comments, but you’re as free to rant as the next guy, and I do like that

  • Jeff M

    yup, that was kill