Jordy Smith & Cheyne Magnusson // Maui // 5:17

posted by / Video / December 12, 2011

jordy smith

The North Shore sometimes can be a wee overwhelming

Jordy Smith takes a quick flight over to Maui and ends on the rocks

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  • J.Page

    Awesome video you guys! When you have a chance, could you shoot me over 250K for licensing? Check would be fine.



  • Pauly Boy

    Great exit out of the water by Jordy at the end and dig that he is just laughing at himself. Good stuff!

  • sean

    SICK! finally a new school edit that is good!

  • Smelly Feet

    so does jordy ride for OAM or Dakine ? nice opening shot of a Da Kine pad…KOOKS

  • wangy

    WT Surfers get little love at the Bay when its good. We gotta wait all year. Should be understandable. Hookipa Boy, Ian M. snaps off the top in front of Jordy 2:30.

  • Matt

    Same exact thing happened to me when I was trying to come in at that place. now , I don’t feel so bad.

  • i love jordy

    does anybody else think that jordy is a closet homo? pull up your skirt and pull in at pipe.