Jordy Smith // Jeffreys Bay + Cape Town // 4:03

posted by / Video / January 16, 2012

Shot and edited by Jason Hearn

Jordy Smith

Exactly what we expect from Jordy. Clean lines, powerful maneuvers and some big aerials.

Jimmicane, are double-grabs acceptable if they’re 4ft above the lip? See 1:23

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  • ggg

    why ask jimmicane something he knows not? Hast thee ever completed an air?

  • kent


  • Jimmicane

    Aloha Jason,

    Thanks for asking. The punt is impressive but two strikes for double grab. I’m willing to forgive his sins under two conditions. Jordy has to go on two photo trips with me and Gabe Kling in 2012. I also have to be able to drop his name about said photo trips at every chance possible.

    Go Jaguars!


  • Dane zaun

    billabong should think about re-scheduling the Jbay comp! looks so sick! jordy is back

  • ggg

    I’ve watched him do an air jerkoff.