Jordy Smith // Portugal // 2:00

posted by / Video / October 29, 2013

Does anybody in the world manhandle waves like Jordy Smith does? We think not. Watching Jordy surf anything head high and under is like watching Adrian Peterson a play a bunch of Pop Warner squids on the field. He’s ruthless. Jordy impresses at first, but he really amazes at the 1:12 mark forward. Those backhand combos are more than worthy of your undivided attention. This would be a great clip to watch before you surf average waves — because we all love to dream.

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  • Mik

    Jordy Smith is the best surfer in the world, right now. No one else on tour dominates the waves like Jordy… He demolishes the lip, through the lip, his carves are brutal and technically perfect at the same time, and he’s got plenty of air game.

    The ASP needs to stop underscoring JS because he is the competitive rock star that Dane isn’t.

    Of the new school, JJ and Julian are close, and have their edge in some aspects, like JJ’s tube skills — but Jordy is on another level. Electric. Like AI in his prime. Not a Ke11y, but he is definitely closer to a World Title than anyone else in a world with fair judges.

  • klonapin keith

    this is bullshit he’s clearly on steroids

  • Carel

    Fok hiedie oke is sterk, maar baie leerlik! Hy lyk soos shrek

  • kf

    whats the song in the vid titled?