Jordy Smith // Today Is Perfect // 4:10

posted by / Video / May 27, 2014

This is awesome. Just fucking awesome. It’s unfortunately not all too often that you see a surf company give back, to use their resources and do something that actually contributes to the betterment of society — but that’s exactly what O’Neill did here. Meet Sihle Mbutho, a kid from Durban, South Africa whose been orphaned sine before puberty. After initially sinking into a life of delinquency on the streets, Sihle escaped to the sea thanks to an orginaziton calledSurfers Not Street Children. Instead of huffing glue, Sihle went surfing. He became a surfer, he became a good person, he became a role model to the too-many other South African kids in similar situations. And in Today Is Perfect, O’Neill rewards Sihle with a to Australia for a trip with Durban Native Jordy Smith. It’s heartwarming stuff. Hats off to O’Neill, to Jordy and especially to Sihle.

And not to jeopardize the sincerity of that entire paragraph, but how about that turn at :59? Can you say moose? Pay it forward, put it on rail. Cue the applause.

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  • Bigdogsurfcamp

    Stoked on this. Roll this good karma into a title now Brother Jordy! Good clip. Good work.

  • Blah

    This is awesome! Very inspiring 😀

  • bryan

    God is good!

  • bryan

    thank you for showing something like this, surfer! keep it up jordy and lead by example

  • bryan

    sorry, surfing :)

  • hulapoop

    send this back to your editor for proof reading.

  • js

    dude rips too!