Josh Burke // Barbados // 3:29

posted by / Video / March 20, 2014

The Caribbean is a dream, and Josh Burke might as well be John Lennon. The little dreamer just put out Leftz Fa Dayz and it makes Barbados look like paradise. When Josh first bleeped on our radar, it was for a big tail throw and a silky style — but mostly for the tail throw. In this edit, it’s easy to see that his surfing has matured. Those backhand combos? The gouges? What a little adult!

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  • Bobby

    This little grom is just starting out and he’s better than all those Mullets trying to surf on that mush at NSB

  • Alan Highton

    I miss Bim. Although Im a grandpa, I dream of surfing like that again. Thanks for the inspiration Josh. Work hard. Never forget that you can always be better. Kelly and beyond!