Josh Mulcoy // Innersection // 3:32

posted by / Video / December 5, 2012

Filmer: Zachary Hilll

Shocking discovery: Santa Cruz’s favorite son is actually a robot.

Programmed to go right.

Josh Mulcoy

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  • zach

    so sick

  • Ben


  • wstwd

    that lip slide is next level, would love to see dane try those

  • Biff

    So sick, and annoying.

  • Yoda

    Annoyingly sick!

  • CP

    guy surfs perfect.

  • Taylor

    Damn, Mulcoy is a beast!

  • Nico

    haha. yeah Mulcs!

  • Marky Marc

    maybe i should make an innersection..

  • SC4Life

    Mulcoy rules. Second great innersection for this guy.

  • SC4Life

    Robots are the new not robots.

  • Bro

    This is amazing