Kai Neville’s Burn Baby Burn: Free With Lost Atlas

posted by / Video / August 26, 2011

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  • damn

    why all the hype ? the movie is just ok at best but nothing special.

  • Jeff

    I agree. I’m not sure how every single “Filmer/Editor” not “Director” feels the need to chop up the footage and splice in dudes drinking coffee layered with akward birds. If I wanted to see lady boys drinking coffee in tight pants I’d go to West Hollywood…

  • Shot 23

    Lost Atlas seriously sucked. I never expected to be so underwhelmed by such an overwhelming cast. There were a few sick clips (John John and Dusty stood out), but they were lost in 45 minutes of less-than-stellar surfing and overcooking the artsy landscape shots. Burn Baby Burn was marginally better, but here’s my biggest issue. Campaign 2 came out years ago and AI’s segment in that shits on both of these films. Why has surfing (in videos at least) gone backwards? I get it, one-hit bangers are cool and these guys do cool shit on it, but fark, mix it up. Surf some good waves and actually SURF them instead of stand there and try to look cool. Severely disappointed.

  • Michael

    Lost Atlas and Burn Baby Burn are not surf films, they’re extended web clips that are undeserving of premieres or payment from viewers.

  • johnny

    very true

  • newpsurf

    I thought it was amazing. I buy every surf movie that comes out. Without Kai’s films I’d be bored. But I like shred surfing and his editing and music pics. Compared to WHO is JOB, Scratching SUrface, Castles Sky, Lost Atlas is way more entertaining. But that’s just my opinion. If you’re into riding tubes only, than you won’t like it as much.

  • Benj

    Disappointed by Lost Atlas. Wouldn’t bother with the outtakes.

  • Pete

    The music on Lost Atlas is so bad it will give you a headache. You can’t even pay attention to the surfing. That’s the problem. There is some sick stuff in there, but man what a let down after Modern Collective-or almost every surf flick that’s come out in the last 9 years has good surfing to good music.. Don’t waste your money like I did, unless you want to hear the worst music ever made being played to your favorite surfers. It’s to the point where watching Jordy is annoying? Stupid mate. Even High 5 with the most annoying radio tards had some good music. Whatever.

  • Lost Coast

    I have been surfing since before most of you were born. Never saw Modern Collective, picked up Lost Atlas to cover shipping on Amazon. Good surfing. Going to have to do some airs myself. I liked the laid back music, the clips are kinda goofy, but some good fun waves.

  • Woody

    I liked both movies. Any footage of surfing is good footage. The wave pool in Burn Baby Burn looks awesome! Where is it? Any who I’m off for a surf, catch ya’s!

  • Mike mckay

    Best movies ever and some great modern cinematography on vintage cameras with the perfect cast and music